Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sitting, thinking and remembering!

Before we started this newest journey
in our life and our family, I thought.
I thought about many things.
I remember talking with 
the Social worker for our
home study.
I remember showing her some 
of  the rooms in our house.
I also remember telling her
that I would not be
decorating Lucy's room 
until we were officially matched.

Now that time has come and 
the happiness and joy is over whelming!

I know that I need to work
on  Lucy's room.
I know that I need 
to paint the walls.
I need to get the bed
set up.
I need to make time.
As I sit here on the floor.
I think am I really
needing more time
or am I waiting?

Am I waiting ?

Waiting or avoiding?

As I sit here I remember the 
joy of decorating another little one's room.
I remember all the work we put into his room.
I remember how Paul picked the colors.
I remember the girls painting the walls.
I remember laying the carpet.
I remember putting his bed 
and dresser the room.  
I remember the same feeling 
engulfing my being!
I am over whelmed with emotions
as I look around the room.

AM I ready to start decorating this room?
Am I ready to face all the joys and fears 
that occupy the first stroke of paint.  
Am I ready to jump..
Am I ready to trust that this little 
princess will be home 
with us in a little bit of time?

I am ready!
I am ready to allow the feelings 
to help shape me into someone
that is better.
I am ready to be a mom again.
I am ready to have this little one
run through the house.
I am ready to have this gift 
help me with supper.
I am ready!
I am ready because Miss. Lucy Wu
was not ready to be an orphan..
Did you hear me?????


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

tick tock goes the clock...

Time can be a friend and a Foe!
I also know that 
you can not recycle time either.
So finding a happy balance is
sometimes a huge under taking. 

I have experienced events in my life
that have seemed like forever.
I have also experienced events 
that have seemed to end 
way too soon!
Life seems to be full of 
those time balancing acts.
I am not in one of those events!
We are waiting to become parents again!
 I am in my final trimester.  
We are approaching our due date!
Oct is next month and we are waiting 
for our flight plans.
We are also working on getting every thing 
in order before the trip.  
Time can not get here fast enough,
however time seems to be 
quickly passing.  
Soon I will be hugging this cutie....
I can not believe I will be her momma.

I want to Thank her biological parents 
for loving her so much that 
they are willing to share her with us.
Thank you to her foster parents for
taking care of her until we get there.
Thank God he brought this little one 
into our hearts and soon
in her forever home.  
While we are waiting please pray 
that all goes well.

Friday, July 17, 2015

That was the fastest 2-4 months!

I am always amazed when I 
watch people run.  
Some people are made for it
some are not.
I would be one of those
that are not made
to run.
I am almost sure 
that when I run
someone would ask,
"Is that lady having a seizure?"
It is not pretty!

On the other hand 
I have seen people look
flawless while running.
I do not know how this is possible.
However, I am in awe of it!
The past few weeks have seemed
liked both fast and slow at the same time.
Is that possible!!

When our paper work was sent 
internationally, we were told
that our log in date was to be
June 19th, that could be the date
our paper would be processed.
I will tell you that 
our paper work was logged in 
within two days.
That was a shock and a precursor 
for what was to come.
our paper work was logged in 
on June the 8th!
Then we were told that 
it is hard to predict the wait time.
However, we were told that
we would have to wait 2-4 months 
to get the official letter
saying that we have been matched.

We found out yesterday
on Wednesday July 16th 
that we were matched.
It only took them 5 weeks and a day
for us to receive the green light!

We as a family are a big mixing bowl 
of emotions.
Excited, nervous, happy
and at times speechless in awe!
We are now in the last trimester 
of pregnancy.
That is when the nesting happens 
and the reality of 
becoming a parent again
becomes clear!
This is when the rubber meets the road.

I will be honest with you!
It has been a journey 
of learning, growing and applying 
the knowledge gathered.
It has not always been 
easy or painless!
This journey has forever 
changed me as a person!
In 2012 our family changed.
We fell in love with this amazing 
little miracle called Artem.
We were prepared and able 
to bring him home and
make some wonderful memories!
Until misunderstandings and 
an unwillingness
to move past an eye for an eye
mentality slammed the door!

Instead of at home with us,
he is forced to stay 
in an institution.
I do know that there are some
wonderful people
who do care for him there.
I do know that he is also put up
for adoption again!
He can only be adopted from his home country.
I pray for him and his extended family.
I will tell you that time, distance, 
or  placement has 
on our love for this little boy.
He is still my son.
No matter where he is located!
No matter where I am located!
No matter what comes or does not come!
He is mine!

People can not take away love!
It is something inside of the soul!
I know that I have received this love 
openly  and it has changed 
me from the inside out!
So to my precious blessing Artem
I love you and no one
can take that away!
Even if you do not remember my face
or my voice or if you 
are not cognitively aware of
your family. 
You will still feel our love in your soul.
You will still feel like you belong!
You are my son!
I will always claim you!

2015 marks another change
in our family.
Our hearts are ready for another
member of our family.  
This bundle of character
is my youngest daughter!

She gets her attitude of course 
from her father!!
She gets her looks from her 
momma and older sisters!
We will be able to travel
within 3-4 months
to bring her home!
My sweet Lucy we are
so thrilled to have you
as a part of our family!
If you are thankful for your
family, sense of belonging
and the love you feel,
could you please help us!
We are in need of prayers and support!
If you are willing and able 
could you please help financially.
We are relying on the kindness
 of others who feel 
a calling to help families!
Are you one who will help?
We will be posting a 
go fund me link and 
another fundraising link soon!
Keep your eyes open 
Thanks for helping!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey you Guys!!!!

Hey you guys!!!! 

I have exciting news. 
Our Dossier is on it's way to Lucy's country
 it will be logged in that country on June 19th,
 then we will wait
 for the next two -four months 
for an official match.

While waiting
 we get to fill out more paper work 
and start sending her some pictures and letters. 
She will find out we want her!

 She will know we want to be her parents! 
Her life and world will be forever changed.
 She will have big sisters
 that can not wait
 to spend some time with her.

I am filed with many emotions,
 and wonderment. 
I am going to be a momma again! 
I am planning on 
posting pictures of our little sweet pea
 as soon as we get the official match letter.

 Be prepared for many proud momma
 pictures and comments!

Thanks for your continued support!
 Lucy here we come!

Friday, June 5, 2015


June 4th 2015
It is my handsome prince's birthday!
Happy Happy birthday to you
My baby boy!
My little man who is growing up.
He is losing his baby face 
and has grown about 2 inches.  
His smile is contagious 
and his hugs I miss.
I long for the day that I can
swoop him up in my arms again!

I remember the first time I met him.
It feels like yesterday.
I remember his smile 
and his high pitch laughter.
I remember how inquisitive he was.  
I remember how much 
he liked the candy I gave him.
I remember how he looked at me
with those  beautiful brown eyes.
I remember the moments when those eyes met mine.
I remember how it felt to cradle him in my arms.
I will always be thankful for the time with him.
I wonder what it would be like 
to tuck him in at night!
I wonder if he remembers us.
I wonder if he smiles when he does.
I wonder does he still remember us
 and is his waiting for a family
 a burden to his soul.  
I wonder how things might have been
so very different if he was home with us now!
I wonder if he likes the song  Happy Birthday.
I wonder if he claps to the beat .

I pray his heart is full 
and his vision is clear.
I pray that his biological family
is well and happy.
I thank them for allowing us
to get to know him.
I thank all those wonderful people
who care for him on a daily basis.
I know that some of them love him.
I know that I am forever changed
due to this little one.
I want him to be loved.
I want him to know the love
and support of a family.
I want him to have a family
even if it is not with us.
I pray that someone over in his 
home country
finds him and 
takes him home!
Please someone love him and 
care for him take him home.
That is my plea!
Take a moment to fall in love with
this nine year old prince.  
That would be the most important birthday gift ever.
Could you help by granting him a home?


Happy birthday Artem!

Momma, Daddy, Cee Cee and Kelsee loves you!
To the moon and back baby boy!

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day!

I remember loving May day
at a very early age.
I love the thought of making 
baskets of goodies
and leaving them for people.

It is now I have another reason to love May day.
Today is the birthday of my pretty princess
Lucy Wu.
Her estimated birth date is today.
Estimated due to the fact of no one knowing 
for sure when she was born.
Her biological mother loved her
so much that she left her on a train.
 A highly populated area.
She knew some one would find her.
  Little Lucy was not a new born, 
that is another reason why I know 
her momma loved her. 
She took some time to think about 
what was best for Lucy and I 
know in my heart of hearts that 
was not a easy decision to make.  
I am so thankful that her momma
decided to give birth to her.
I am also thankful for the journey 
our paths are on right now.

When the police found my baby girl
they named her after the city in which 
she was born.
They also gave her a middle name
which is rare.  
I can tell you that her middle name means 
hope in her language.
I would have to agree with them.  
I think she is going to teach many 
the basic concept of love.  
She will also teach people to hope in something 
that is bigger than themselves.  
She is the hope that love will
win the war.  
I just wanted to take a minute 
and tell you Happy birthday little one.
I am so grateful that you where
born on this day.  
I am thankful that we will be
able to celebrate your birth
with you, hopefully next year!  
I hope that your seven birthday 
was full of laughter and
some cake.  
I love you and hope to see you 
my beauty queen!
I wanted to thank her birth parents.
Thank you for caring about her deeply!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


It Amazes me that time 
can pass by so quickly 
and so slowly at the same time.
How is that possible?  
I have noticed that some people
are more aware of time 
and how to use it.
I have also noticed that some people
are afraid of time 
and become desperate.
There are certain events that happen
in one's life that redirect
the sight back
 to the important things.  
It can be the sudden and 
unexpected death of a 
loved one.
It can be a promotion at work
It can be the celebration of a new birth. 

It does not matter if the event 
is good or bad,
 if it affects you it will change you!

We are all changed by certain times in our life.
I also know that time is the one thing 
you can never get back or recycle.  
The older I get the more I am 
aware that time is important.
It is also important what I do
with the time I am given.  
This was made more clear with the 
recent event of my close friend's husband's illness.  
He has been in the hospital battling 
a flesh eating virus and renal failure.  
Time can not pass fast enough.
Time seemed to stop.
However, he needs time to heal.
This helps me to keep focus on the important things!

As I wait until our paperwork flies across
the many miles of ocean, I am 
forced to deal with this concept of time.
I want it to pass quickly, however,
I need to make sure that 
I am doing what I need to in this time.
I need to make sure that I am still
leaving a legacy and not rushing to the end.
I do know that this life is a journey.
It is a process.
It is a gift.
It is hard to find that balance right now!
Some moments I fee like the world 
is spinning out of control.
There are other moments that 
I am calm and everything is right in the world.

While we are waiting please pray for us.
We need peace, wisdom, and knowledge.
Also say a prayer for my friend's husband please!